Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's get started!

      I really enjoy sharing and learning from the blogs of the many art teachers that I subscribe to.  So, I have decided that it is time to share some of my projects, experiments and adventures in the art classroom with others.
      This year the adventure began with me teaching on a cart for the first time in over 10 years.  This has been less of a learning curve than the first time around, but advances in technology have certainly thrown in a new twist that I have been learning to work around. 
     For now I thought I would post pictures of my cart.  The district provided me with a basic cart with decent storage, but I couldn't just leave it at that. 
 As you can see I went all out creating a super art a la cart machine! My husband helped me to "pimp my ride." I thought about all the needs I would have and tried to create solutions for each need.

The end has a fold down desk with a removable leg. It is great for using my document camera on for demonstrations.  I also added an extra power strip for all of my computer equipment and a pencil sharpener.

The back side has accessible baskets of basic supplies like pencils, scissors and glue, with a lip to keep them from sliding off.  You can see the pencil sharpener on the left.  I can also clip posters to the lip for easy transport to each room.  The large grey board is a dry erase on one side and bulletin board on the other.  It has hooks at the top so it hangs on the lip.  I can move it any where in the rooms I go to.  Many have little or no white board space for me to use.

At the pushing end we drilled 2 holes and put in S hooks to hang 5 gallon buckets for clean and dirty water. Every inch gets used, so I have a dust pan and brush on the side of the shelf.

The teaching side includes lots of storage, a laptop with speakers, document camera, LCD projector and wireless Internet.  I have recently changed the computer shelf to be legless, so I can have better access underneath.  The document camera tucks in side to the right.  The projector sits up top and is Velcro strapped to the cart. Pockets of information like emergency evacuation info and schedules are also on Velcro, so they can be easily removed. On the top are storage of my record books, extra free choice projects and books that I read to students.


  1. Wow. You have a crazy amount of stuff on your cart. I'm really impressed.

    One thing on your blog, the color of your font for the title of your posts and comments seems to be the same as your background color. I thought you had made your blog unable to receive comments until I moved my mouse over that section. Just something I would have wanted to know.

  2. i am IN AWE...amazing work. talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

  3. Dude,

    You are seriously pimped out on that cart! I taught for ten years on a rubbermaid food service cart that looks like a dinosaur compared to your cart. My favorite part of your post is that you are not gonna let that cart get in the way of giving your all to your students! Good on ya, mate!

  4. Most people shrivel up and die when they have to move from a room to a cart. You have an amazing attitude not to mention husband to be able to pimp out your cart like this! Way to go both of you!!! Your district has no idea what they got when they hired you. Another reason why districts need to value the arts. Can't wait to see your projects too:)

  5. This is an awesome start, I can't wait to see more:)

  6. WOW! this is awesome! I am teaching in school right now with out an art room or cart :( Trying to figure things out as I go and it hasn't been so hard but we have only been working with colored pencils and crayons. I would love to hear some suggestions as to how you deal with paint. I have some ideas but would love to here from someone who has clearly perfected the art!