Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pictures of early year projects

I keep thinking that I am going to actually write about each of these but it just won't happen.  So here are the photos of some of my September artwork.

These are 1st grade number drawing based on The Figure Number Five by Charles Demuth.   I used it as a way to get started with procedures for the year and review crayon use.
This was borrowed from a blog (sorry can't remember which) But they were complex pattern kimonos with second grade. 


These are 4th grade abstraction of a hand using values in 2 colors only using crayon.


These were third graders working with overlapping and review of material use.


Again, I borrowed this and can't remember from where.  But I really like how they came out!  Still life of a bike with and analogous glow. These are by second grade.

This project kind of bombed, but I show it anyway.  Started out great, bug pics made symmetrical by drawing only half and mono printing to the other side.  That's where it went down hill.  Probably should have waited a little further into the year, lots of not following directions led to unidentifiable blobs.  These are the more successful ones.  The biggest mistake was when I had other classes cut them out to mount on new paper.  Now I have piles of blob scraps, EEEKKKK!


  1. Thank you so much for blogging! you have great ideas and lessons :)

    I wanted to reach out to you for a little advice I'm a first year art teacher and in one of my schools I don't have a classroom or cart. We got a donation (no budget) of water colors but I'm really stumped on how to set up my procedures for students to paint. You seem like an expert when it comes to traveling art teacher. any advice? what works great and what you found didn't work would be super helpful.

  2. I made a post to address your question.

  3. wow - the bike still life's are amazing - hard to believe second graders did those! I might have to try that! :)