Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Central Office Display

I finally have a chance to display artwork at our Central Office.  We only get this opportunity once every other year.  So I brought some of my best work to show.
This is Mouse Paint by Kindergarten, I have about 4 versions of this and do it differently each year.
I love these collage snowmen with radial symmetry snowflakes by Kindergarten.
This Mondrian inspired artwork was inspired by one of my fellow teachers, Andy Rohde.  Kindergartener's loved making the faces.
These 1st grade snowmen are actually relief sculptures.  The shadows are cool colored chalk.
My first graders printed these robots with mat board scraps and tissue tubes, then colored them in with metalic crayon. 
My second graders made these great Scream pics with oil pastel and model magic for the screaming guy.
3rd grade created these porthole pics with oil pastel and tempra.  These used techniques for creating space. 
This was a quick 3rd grade filler.  We printed asymmetrical tree with mat board and added the thumbprint owl.  The whole lesson helped students understand how artists works as illustrators, having to think obout where text will fit with their pictures.  We used the Robert Frost poem, Stopping by the Woods on Snowy Evening.
These 4th grade masks inspired by Native American masks, cover up some fabulous student self portraits.
These other 4th grade projects are sandwiches made in relief with paper and center of interest snowmen done quilt style.
My 5th grade has really knocked it out of the park this year.  These pop out chairs in a room are inspired by Van Gogh's paintings of his room and the Renaissance artists.  They learned about basic 1 pt. perspective and really got it!

And these are the Monet oil pastel and baby oil pics I posted last week.  Again, pictures just don't do these justice.

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