Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Square 1 Art Projects

I participate in the Square 1 Art program each year to raise money.  This year I have made almost $1800! I have tried to pick dynamic projects that not only fit my curriculum, but are big sellers for parents.  Here are some student samples of this years projects.
4th grade Loup Garou Paintings in tempera based on the Blue Dog series by George Rodrigue.

3rd grade cityscapes with intermediate colors in tempera.

5th grade- Background watercolor based on color field painters with a styrofoam print over the top made to appear to be Op art, printed in rotation.
1st grade owl drawings with simple patterns to create texture with construction paper crayons and marker.

Kindergarten tissue flowers painted on with watered down glue, outlined in permanent marker and finished with liquid watercolor.
2nd grade cats in permanent marker based on a study of ancient Egyptian cat art.


  1. Ms. Menier, beautiful art! Wondering if you would be interested in writing up this lesson plan for us to feature on our new art fundraising blog Back to Square 1? Please email me the document at lisa at square1art com. I would be happy to make it worth your while by providing you with a free Square 1 Art product of your choice with the artwork of your choice. Hope to hear from you soon! Lisa, Marketing Director

  2. I love the kindergarten flower art. How difficult was it for the children to do? and how many extra hands did you have to monitor gluing and painting? thank you