Tuesday, April 24, 2012

American Gothic Redo

I really like how these came out, but wish I could have given them a few more class times to work. They could have done some really cool things with a little more time.  The idea was to create a 3D version of American Gothic with a twist.  The twist is they are the designer and a new client has come to you.  The task is the client has purchased the small home featured in the American Gothic painting near Stone City, Iowa and they want it remodelled to better match their taste.  Students had to decide, who the client was, what their style would be and who would stand with them in front of the house.  We used a basic pop up card design to get the basic house and then used marker and paper construction techniques to remodel the house.  Students were required to build at least one 3D item from paper. Finally they had to pose the client and one other character with them, holding something, similar to the American Gothic characters in front of the home.  Some are quite clever and others are just cute.


  1. Way cool! I love American Gothic!

  2. I am loving all of your projects. Very inspiring. And I love this building idea. My kids just recently made fold out stores for our economics unit, and they turned out ok, but I like how you made yours 3-D. I think they could have expressed themselves a lot more creatively if I had done it that way. I will be pinning this and holding on to it for my econ unit next year.


    1. Thanks for the positive comment. The kids really loved thinking up parodies to the original. You could probably do muliple layers of opo outs for door and windows with older students. There are a lot of pop up tutorials on the web.