Sunday, October 21, 2012

Textured Multi Media Scarecrows

I found this cute scarecrow on Pinterest (For the Fun of Art Blog) and thought it was cute, but it needed a few more of my curriculum objectives. So, along with my student teacher we created a 6 station rotation to create parts of the scarecrow with a variety of materials and textures. We started by reading The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margret Wise Brown.

Since I now have a Smart board, we created mini videos to explain each station. I wanted to post them, but I have been having lots of problems getting them to fully load.  So here are the basics...
Station 1- Moon print- make a circle stencil with tag board and use white paint and sponges to fill it in.
Station 2- Hat print- print the edge of a piece of matt board in vertical and horizontal patterns in yellow paint over brown paper.
Station 3- Curled paper hands and folded hair (for time we took out folding the hair)- cut and curl/fold 2 rectangles of butterscotch paper.
Station 4- Crumple head- trace and cut out a circle of brown bag paper and crumple.
Station 5- Crayon rubbed sleeves- crayon rubbings over texture plates on 2 white rectangles
Station 6- Fabric patches- cut 3-4 fabric shapes

For the next class we read The Scarecrow's Hat by Ken Brown, then assembled the sleeves, head and hat.  We focused a lot of proper use of glue and scissors.


For the last class, made the hat, assembled the parts and added details.  The final step was making the crow for his head.  They turned out great!


  1. Love them! And the crows (taking a bit from Klee?) are a great finishing touch! :)

    1. No the crow was in the original project, and was a detail we picked out of the inspirational story. But I like the connection to Klee for next time.